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Jobstudenten gezocht!

Een fiets huren of (laten) herstellen?
Uw fiets is gestolen of weggehaald?
Uw fiets laten graveren?
Eén adres: De Fietsambassade Gent.


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Apply to be an It's On Us Campus Organizer

Hi Crowd!
Finals are hitting hard. You got three papers, two tests, and a final lab. You can’t be more stressed. We get it.
So, take a break!
Get some fresh air, listen to your favorite music, and apply to be an It’s On Us Campus Organizer for the 2018-2019 school year. Applications close on May 31, but we’re reviewing them on a rolling basis, so don’t wait until the last minute!
Campus Organizers serve as the “President” of It’s On Us on their campus and will be responsible for having semi-regular meetings and structuring their chapter in ways that make sense for their campus climate, institution, and team. Each campus gets ONE campus organizer! Larger institutions may be represented by two campus organizers but applicants must apply together as co-applicants.
We’ve some exciting things in store for next year -- you don’t want to miss it!
What are you waiting for?
I look forward to working with you.
Elvin Bruno, Jr.
Campus Program Director, It’s On Us

Support It's On Us to reach more students!!

As It's On Us continues to grow, we need supporters like you to help us!
This year, It's On Us hopes to bring our message and materials to 1,000 campuses.
To date, we have educated and trained almost 5,000 student leaders through our campus organizing program.
Please support It's On Us and help us reach thousands of additional students this year!

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The Erasmus Salons

Throughout 2018, the European University Foundation will host a series of debates on European higher education. Named after the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme, these Erasmus Salons will present a dynamic discussion between relevant stakeholders and a broader audience. Held in public cafés across Brussels, the debates will feature a speaker who will challenge the audience and engage them in a frank exchange of ideas.

Academics Business

Survey: How to grow a business

Dear community!

Would you have the kindness to help me and my fellow students to realize and interesting market research about the development of startups and scaleups? The aim of our survey is to better understand the needs of startups and scaleups in order to foster their growth.

The survey requires just a few minutes of your time, yet it would help us to propose new effective solutions, from which you could benefit as well in the near future.

We would be really grateful !

Health & Wellness Social Equality & Diversity

Studenten gezocht!

Het Match-project wil de maatschappelijke betrokkenheid van studenten in de stad en de omliggende regio vergroten. Via Match wordt de vraag naar maatschappelijke dienstverlening en het aanbod vanuit de studentenpopulatie bij elkaar gebracht. Match heeft als één van de belangrijkste ambities om de stad en haar bewoners te laten profiteren van de aanwezigheid van de vele studenten die kunnen bijdragen aan de analyse en aanpak van problemen als laaggeletterdheid, taalachterstanden, integratie van statushouders, eenzaamheid en meer.

Word vrijwilliger in de School van Toen

De School van Toen is een museum over de geschiedenis van onderwijs in het algemeen en van het stedelijk onderwijs in het bijzonder Bezoekers (her)beleven hier de schoolsfeer van toen. We verzamelen en tonen een brede onderwijscollectie


Deltaworx student jobs

Your student career starts here. Delta-work your way to the top! Choose a job you love... you'll never have to work a day in your life

5 Day Coding Challenge

Find out if coding is the right career for you with the 5 day coding challenge!

Technology Academics Business

Open summer of code

Open Summer of Code is a 4-week summer programme in July. The goal: provide Belgian based students the training, network and support necessary to transform open innovation projects into powerful real-world services.